We've put together in a single section all the most frequent questions from our customers and his answers. Please, we ask you carefully read because of many of the consultations are already solved.

ŅWhat is LettersXXL?
LettersXXL is 2D and 3D customized letters. You can choose the size and the colors. Perfect for any event.

What kind of events?
From baptisms, communions, birthdays, weddings, concerts, for garnish (rooms, gardens), inaugurations, etc.

What size can you make the letters
From 40 cm height, in each letter or number, up to 180cm.

Those are in colors?
You have the whole palette of colors to choose from. Complete customization.

How do you ship?
We ship the letters prepared and marked and you only have crop and merge. Very easy (IKEA like). Itís the only way we can ship without damage by transport and get the best market price..

What material are the letters?
We work with a compact recycled cardboard of 2mm and 5mm, perfect for this kind of creations. Light, but at the same time hard and resistant.

When I receive my order, what's I have to do?
Each letter is perfectly prepared and with indications of where to cut. Itís very easy (Ikea like) and if you have children is perfect, because it can entertain and build the letters themselves.

What materials I will need for build the letters?
For 2D letters, you only need scissors or cutter. For 3D letters you will need scissor or cutter, and glue. We recommend hot silicone or contact glue.

Is difficult build the 3D letters?
No. It's like cut-out pictures that you made in school, but in a bigger scale. Itís cut by the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines. And finally, glue the tabs to finish building your 3D letter. If you have any question, we are here to help.

How long it takes to receive my order?
Since placing the order are 7-10 business days until you receive by courier in his direction. We ship FREE by courier (TNT and DHL) to the following countries: Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Netherlands, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Iceland, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Montenegro and Jersey.

Are 3D letters are standing without fasteners?
Yes of course. Anyway, you can include inside the letter a small sandbag and if there is wind will have no problem. Or directly attaching to the ground.

Which materials are needed for the 3D letters?
Very simple and common tools: scissors or cutter. And an adhesive: glue or the option that we recommend is a hot glue gun (available in any bazaar for 5-6 Ä).

How does it cost?
Complete the order form and automatically the system will show you the final price (shipping and taxes included). The final price will depends of size, quantity of letters, colors, etc..

How I order my letters?
You only have to click in Place Order and complete the form. Select between 2D or 3D letters and complete the form.

Contact with us
If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us at the email We will be glad of being able to help you.